I was always an unusual girl, filled with ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​raw curiosity & a passion for culture, something my Irish father undoubtedly bestowed upon me. I grew up in a suburb just outside of Chicago; an enchanted city to which I owe all that I am today. For it was here I developed a child-like, fascination with the world & imagined every possibility for myself.
This was where I learned to dream.

My ache for exploration eventually pushed me to the point where I could no longer be kept by “Sweet Home Chicago”.
I needed something bigger than myself. I needed to travel & allow my curiosity to be unrestricted. I needed to stuff my eyes with wonder & second guess everything I know about the universe. I needed to see what I was made of.

Although my essence, home & heart will forever remain in Chicago — you can currently find me out on the road, on a train, bus or airplane, chasing stories, snapping photos & overall, hanging on every note the world has to offer.

My travels have taken me across the vast plains of Mongolia, climbing on top of ex-Korean War vehicles, dancing with gypsies in the Great Indian Desert, hitch-hiking during monsoons in Indonesia, slipping along the waterways of Vietnam aboard luxury ships, hot-air-ballooning through Turkey & beyond.

For Emma Young consists of travel images, musings, & stories that are a product of my wanderlust moments, visions, & stimulations. I am forever in search of genuine, raw, & unthinkable experiences while on the road to later transform into a compelling story; whether it be one worth writing about, or simply something to tell my future grandchildren.

My goal with For Emma Young is simple. To communicate the art of travel & humanity. I've been told people enjoy reading my little corner of the interweb for inspirationtruth. Therefore, there is zero fluff, censorship, & sponsors, & you won't find any advertisements, generic travel guides, tips, how-to's, paid posts, etc.
What you will find is a bleeding heart that's got a lot to say.  

 So, here it goes. These are my stories. This is how I strive for a life well-lived.